ziizoo.com Review – Try Tutoring from San Francisco

Review of online tutoring service Ziizoo.com

www.ziizoo.com is unique since it can be viewed at as the market place for online tutoring. Ziizoo was started by Robert Einspruch and Egon Vanderhoven in San Francisco. Ziizoo boasts of online tutoring services and tutoring services from US based online tutors. Their tutors are obtained   from prestigious schools like Harvard, Penn and Cornell, who are online and ready to help day and night. Ziizoo’s embedded text-chat, audio-chat and online whiteboards allow you to get help from any computer with a broadband connection.

The services offered by www.ziizou.com include:

  • homework/exam help, college essay advice, and standardized test prep at competitive rates
  • access to reviews of tutors by other students and parents
  • an easy, secure online payment system
  • the ability to store, share and download tutoring sessions and other coursework content in the Ziizoo “digital locker”

Free tutor services are offered for thirty minutes when you register, with free help offered by participating tutors. Trying ZiiZoo’s  tutoring services and online tutoring services  is extremely risk free. Be it a math tutor, physics tutor, algebra tutor or any other subject tutor, you can find a tutor on the website, and try out the one who works the best for you. The registration for the website is free.

The website is run by competent people with degrees and prominent experience and seeking tutoring jobs and tutoring online.  Most of the tutors are alumni and post graduate students of various prestigious universities meaning that they are well equipped to train students since they are well aware of the needs and requirements of each.

www.ziizoo.com  can be rated from four to four and half on a five star rating system since it provides competent and easy to access services. Also, Ziizoo offers their services at budget friendly rates and are highly effective.  In fact it is just a search of a search engine to find online tutors for various subjects depending on student needs.  Ziizoo’s working methodology is simple enough according to tutor reviews.   The best part is that you can choose the school that you want your teacher from, for instance if you want a physics teacher from Stanford, all you have to do is type in physics, Stanford in the search box and you are all set for one of a kind online tutoring service experience.