Review Review appears to be one of the sister sites of as they ask you to contact them at the same email as that online tutoring site. They are tutoring services online that providers customers with homework help in the subject of science. claims to be able to provide their customers with high quality tutoring in the science subjects and they also state that they have affordable and reasonable rates. However, at this time they have no background information available about their company and they also do not have any reviews of available either. 

Editorial Rating receives a three star editorial rating. They have a 2011 copyright on their website yet they have no reviews. Not to mention the fact that their sister site also has no reputation and has a website copyright of 2009. No one has mentioned that there is any scam or fraud taking place. However, there is pretty much no information available at all about this tutoring service or the tutors that they hire. Additionally, they also do not issue refunds to their customers even if they do not choose to complete the assignment after you have already paid them.

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Is a Scam?

No one has specifically stated that is a scam yet no one has said anything about them in general. Potential customers may steer away from this tutoring company because they do not offer refunds even in the event that they choose to not provide the agreed service. If you feel as though their disclaimer located at the bottom of their site is a red flag that they are a scam you should steer clear of them. However, ultimately the decision of whether or not you want to give them a chance remains 100% up to you.