Tutor.com Review

tutor.com tutoring service review

Looking for Professional Tutor? – Tutor Overview

Tutor is an online tutoring service that has tutors available around the clock. They have built a very reputational company over time which makes it very easy to find a tutor. There are a ton of different tutors available including, but not limited to, a math tutor, an algebra tutor and a physics tutor. They make tutoring online seem so easy. They take pride in their tutoring services and it really does show.

Editorial www.tutor.com rating

Based on what we have seen on their website we would give www.tutor.com a rating of four out of five stars. The reason we would give them this rating is because their online tutor service looks decent yet they do not seem to offer too many services that are different from other tutor services. Also, they do not have any free tutors available so customers may be likely to go with a company that offers that service over theirs.

Customers tutor.com Ranking

Based on the testimonials listed on tutor.com it seems that the schools and the students are very pleased with their services. Both of them have had nothing but excellent things to say when it comes to their tutoring services reviews. Some have even singled out some of the specific tutors review. They have also mentioned that everyone who works their tutoring jobs has been a great help to them. There have been no bad things said so it looks like this company really knows what they are doing since they have all these high rankings from customers.

Other tutor dot com Reviews found

We were able to find other online tutoring services reviews about tutor dot com. Many of them seemed to come from past and present employees. They state that overall it is a good website that helps students out however they only interact by using a whiteboard and instant messaging. They feel the site would be better if they allowed the students to interact with the tutors by using voice and video as well so they could actually see a visual of who they are talking to. Employees have complained about the pay however but they do like the fact that they get to set their own hours and they can work as much or as less as they like.

Is Tutor.com a Scam?

Tutor.com is 100% legit. Matter of fact they have been recommended by a variety of well known companies including, but not limited to, CNN and The New York Times.