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About is tutoring services that were co founded by Scott Spizer and his wife. Scott grew up and attended school in Manhattan before finally going to Yale University and graduated with degree in political science. He worked at ABC News and restaurant industry but felt that neither was his destiny.

In 1995 he relocated to Northern Virginia then decided to pursue teaching. He had done this at high school when he tutored and counseled younger students during weekends. At university, he coached little –league baseball player and volunteered to tutor students in math and English.

Scott dedicated to pursue his interest of working with younger people by doing private tutoring that grew fast thriving through recommendations from parents, schools and word of mouth referrals.

Scott had first hand understanding of academic and social challenges faced by New York City students as he is a Dalton and Hunter graduate. Over next dozen of years, he worked with hundreds of public and private school students in NYC and surrounding areas. Scott and his wife created Origins Tutoring in 2010 to be a company for doing business with parents. It created choices for them and opportunities for other tutors to enhance skills.

What Does Do? supports students to develop skills to learn, think and solve problems on their own. It takes a holistic approach combining the following:

  • Foundational skills
  • Executive skills development
  • Critical thinking
  • Mentorship

Experience shows this integrated approach facilitates remarkable outcome. Students are inspired to invest in their future. helps student to develop resilient mindsets, learn to apply essential study skills and excel in negotiating challenges.

Its areas of expertise are math, test preparation, executive skills and writing mastery.


  • In-person tutoring: Students located within New York can get personal training by making arrangement to meet with coaches at their homes or mutually convenient locations such as library or school classroom. Students can also meet coaches online.
  • Adequate lessons: Coaching sessions are 1-2 hours but the exact time depends on a student. There are also on-call coaches who provide answers for questions cropping up between these sessions by text or phone.
  • Competitive rates: Origins tutoring charges competitive rates per hour depending on subject and coach. It works together with students to develop programs fitting their budgets.

Students pay on biweekly after first session when confirms they are happy with service provided.

Downside of

Origins Tutoring has no live chat option to reach it. Users rely on phone and email only.

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