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Review of online tutoring service

Online tutoring services and e-learning services has grown exponentially over the past few years due to its ability to make the learning process easy. It helps in improving the performance of both teachers and students. For teachers it provides various applets to help them generate questions, schedule tasks, keeping track of student’s improvements, etc. and for students it reduces the workload and makes the learning process more interactive and easy.

Your Tutor is Australia’s leading online tutoring service and e-learning service provider. Your Tutor has helped hundreds of students and teachers. It makes the learning process in school very easy with unique services. You can find two kinds of services namely Your tutor and Skills builder. Your tutor basically helps in connecting the students and tutors while skills builder provides tools to support various activities of primary schools and high schools.

Your Tutor is an online tutoring service which connects the students and tutors. There is no need to set appointments, etc. it’s an on demand service where the expert tutors are waiting online to provide help at all moment. If you are concerned about the quality of the service then rest assured all tutors are based in Australia and were educated in Australia with their background checked to ensure quality control. Your Tutor can support you in primary and secondary schools, University retention, TAFE colleges, University outreach, Public Libraries, Pathways colleges and Organizations and corporate programs. Your Tutor can help schools to provide high quality after school tutoring in many subjects. With Your Tutor you can concentrate on all students equally instead of selected few students.

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Skill Builder is an user friendly tool to support teachers to assign and track tests and homework from years 3 to 12 in core school curriculum areas. Practice quizzes for English and Math subject can be generated easily with thousands of expertly written questions. This tool makes the students to prepare for NAPLAN. It reduces paperwork and time and makes the learning easy. You can track your student’s area of improvements with the customized reports provided by Skill Builder. You can schedule tasks in class or as homework for various subjects like English, Moths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. You can provide practice questions throughout the year with the help of Skill Builder. If you are still not sure about the service or if you have questions regarding the service, you can apply for a live demonstration here