Elevatetutoring.org Review

elevatetutoring review

About Elevatetutoring.org

Elevate Tutoring Inc offers expert training for improving math and science tutoring skills. Its mission is to close achievement gap by helping financially disadvantaged students with free tutoring services, scholarships, training and working experience.

How is Elevatetutoring.org Free?

Many students wonder how a tutoring service can be free yet it is very expensive at some tutoring services. The reason why it is free is because there are many kind souls ready to help the mission.

Elevatetutoring.org is a non-profit public benefit corporation based at State of California. Its classification permits donors to give their tax-deductible contributions. It is legally obligated to use the donations to achieve its mission. Elevate Tutoring documents can be found on a link at its website.

The Center of Philanthropy projects that donations by Americans are over $300 billion. Over $40 billion will go to the educational resources and this is a lot on money. Elevatetutoring.org tutor training is a scholarship program that directly helps its tutors and financially needy students struggling with their science and math courses.

Tutors of this scholarship program get three-fold support. They give free tutoring that adds up to thousands of hours. Combined, Elevate Tutoring tutors have got scholarship money worth $93,000. Each of them has taken 60 hours of training and provided more than 2,200 free tutoring hours to financially needy students as part of tutor training.

Why choose Elevatetutoring.org

Commitment to student advancement and progress: Studies show that educational advancement and progress is interrelated to self-esteem and confidence. Tutoring offers an avenue for imparting knowledge and empowers others. Elevate polishes teaching skills of its tutors through observation, training and mentoring. These tutors gain experience through practicing their tutoring skills by offering free training to middle and high schools students who need financial help. The tutors get financial support to complete their programs. The goal is to leave tutors more confident and self-worth which will be useful for rest of their lives.

  • Experienced tutors: Although tutors offering tutoring to students are using the scholarship program to enhance their skills, they are not amateurs. The volunteer tutors have some level of experience. Hired tutors have been in teaching profession for years. If you order for tutoring service, you can even ask a tutor to get a tutor of specific level.
  • Philanthropic opportunity: The fees collected are used to fund tutor training program for needy tutors and children.

Downside of Elevatetutoring.org

The information on Elevatetutoring.org website is not placed in an appealing easy to read format therefore takes much time to read through and know about its services.

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