Review – Canadian Math Tutors at Your Service

Calc Tutor is an online math tutor provider. Calc Tutor is said to provide a ton of great benefits however their website may scare some people off. However, if customers are able to look past this they may find that Calc Tutor is an excellent tutoring service to use. All of the tutors of Calc Tutor are experienced, qualified tutors that know what it means to provide effective tutoring services.

Customers of Calc Tutor are said to experience a ton of great benefits based on the online tutoring services reviews that could be found at various websites online. Some of the benefits that come along with using their online tutoring service include, but is not limited to:

  • Free tutors available for your first session: This allows you to experience what you can expect when you find a tutor through .
  • Multiple ways to respond to tutors: Calc Tutor makes online tutoring more convenient by allows you to respond back to the tutor by writing with your mouse or by requesting a writing tablet.  Many other tutoring services do not have these options available so this put Calc Tutor a step above the rest.
  • Whiteboards are used: The whiteboards that are used at Calc Tutor have many drawing features that come along with it. This means that the tutors are able to help the student understand by showing them actually demonstrations while allowing the students to interact on the white board as well.
  • Less than half the price of one on one in person tutoring: One of the best benefits of using Calc Tutor is their reasonably prices. When compared to one on one in person tutoring their rates comes out to be less than half of their prices yet with Calc Tutor you do not even have to leave your home to be tutored.
  • Perfect for shy students: If your child is shy Calc Tutor would be perfect for them because it is basically like they are interacting with a computer or something. They do not have to talk or anything everything that they say to the tutor can be done online. Also, Calc Tutor can be perfect for students who are embarrassed about needing a tutor because it allows them to do it in the privacy of their own homes without anyone ever knowing that they got help from a tutor.